Slightly Frugal. Yes, I consider myself (slightly) frugal. Oftentimes, anyway. I believe in less in more, in not accumulating unnecessary clutter, in living a less materialistic life. Now that’s a mission in our materialistic culture! It’s a work in progress. I embrace simplistic values, and everyday is a new day to find new ways to be simple and frugal.

Sometimes Hippie. No, that doesn’t imply getting high while living in a tent with flowers stuck in my hair. Although I do enjoy camping. And flowers. Hippie is slightly natural, back to basics, simple. Using less, re-purposing more, saving money, time, energy, and resources. Embracing old age ideals from times gone by, sometimes going against the mainstream. Attachment parenting philosophies, breastfeeding advocacy, organic living; growing your own food, using natural cleaners, going no ‘poo. Hippie things like that. It’s slightly frugal, too.

Always Busy! It’s busy, being a young mom of young children. Sure, I’m only mother of 1… although, I do have another one on the way. Eep! Now THAT will be busy! 😉 But all kidding aside, we are all busy. That’s not news to anyone. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun along the way! With a bit of good old organization, busy doesn’t have to be stressful – most of the time.

Welcome to my space on the blogosphere! This is an informal blog, about the everyday life of ordinary people who are striving to live by their ideals, and have fun along the way!


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