Cloth Diaper Trial – Marvels AIO, by Kissaluvs

My local baby boutique was looking for 1 boy & 1 girl to try out a new AIO they want to carry. I always like to try new cloth diapers (but can’t always justify buying every single one for that sake, very unfortunately), plus we are currently on the lookout for alternate night diapering options, so I volunteered to be the “girl” tryout!

What’s in it for me? I get to keep the diaper. πŸ™‚

Please note that I am otherwise not endorsed by any of the cloth diaper companies I state and link, and that they themselves did not offer me anything for the review. The opinions expressed are simply my own views on their product, made for my reviewing pleasure. I have solely received the free Marvels diaper to try out from my local baby boutique in exchange for this review.

The Subject

DD1, also known as A or Miss A, is a 21-mo (almost 22-mo) active toddler, weights about 25 lbs. She is on the tall and skinny side, measuring close to 3 ft already! (She is about 2’9″, or just over 83 cm.) My God, where did my baby go…

Cloth Diapering Background
DD1 has terrible diaper rash if we leave her in a cloth diaper overnight. She has always been a bit on the sensitive side, and she is not a good enough sleeper for us to get away with a diaper change mid-night (trust me, you do NOT want to wake her up to do that.) Obviously, if she is awake, then of course we will take advantage of the situation and change it, but the rash is usually bad enough by then anyway, and she’s rarely that awake. Most night waking these days are a quick half-asleep cuddle and we are back in business.

In the day, we use Motherease O/S bamboo diapers, with their air-flow covers. For naps, we use those same diapers, with the inserts that has the wicking layer on top. Works perfect (I should note she naps close to 2h30-3h nowadays). For nighttime, we used to have the Happy Heinys pockets, gradually working up to the 2 inserts that came with it, an AMP 3-layer hemp insert (folded in 3, it comes as a square), with a fleece over the Happy Heinys’ pocket. But that stopped working and she was very rashy. Recently, we have been using a Motherease diaper with an insert, and a gDiaper pad on top – it wicks away the moisture well so it’s not damp next to her skin. Works great, but it implies buying the gDiaper pads over, and over… We have tried a layer of fleece instead, but that doesn’t work well enough.

The trial diaper
We got a hot pink Marvels AIO, from Kissaluvs. It’s actually very pretty!! The insert is attached on the inside, so that you don’t actually have to stuff it, but it gets agitated out when you wash it. The fleece on top is light pink, and very nice looking, quality-wise. I’ll have to see how it holds up after a few washes, but it seems thick enough and soft. I am hoping it will be a good enough barrier for nighttime!

There is only one insert in the middle though, so I’m thinking, for a toddler, we might have to add extra stuffing, especially for naps and overnight. It might be enough for daytime use though.

This is a O/S (One Size) diaper, meant to fit babies & toddlers from 7 to 35 lbs. Similar to other O/S diapers, it has snaps on the front so that you can adjust the size/rise of the diaper, as well as numerous snaps to attach the sides, from small to large waist openings. It’s fairly easy to use & figure out, if you have never used a snap system like that, and I especially love that it is snaps. I can NOT deal with velcro. πŸ˜‰ I do have some diapers that have velcro, and I find that it doesn’t attach well to the affix after a while, resulting in very sticky diapers while washing. And for the same reasons it doesn’t attach to the affix, it doesn’t close as well after a while either. So kudos for the snaps! Definitely a buy or toss factor for me when looking for new diapers.

The Trial Plan
The first trial will be as an overnight diaper. I will add an AMP 3-layer hemp stuffing inside for more absorbency (the pad attached to the Marvel would NOT be enough for overnight toddler wear – I don’t even need to test that), but I won’t put any additional fleece on top.

The second trial will be as an overnight diaper with an additional fleece on top, if need be.

The third trial will be as nap diaper, with added stuffing – I don’t expect the pad to be enough for her naps, although she is starting to be dry after naps sometimes, so I suppose if you have a toddler who is at that stage too, it might be enough.

The fourth and final trial will be as a day diaper, once in the AM, when she pees less, and once in the PM after nap, when she pees a good amount every 5 minute. (So I guess that’s actually 4 and 5).

Since I will have to wash and dry the diaper in between each trial, I will update them individually, rather than wait until I have all 5. Plus, it will make shorter posts to read πŸ˜‰


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