Marvels AIO Trial #1 – Overnight

My first “test” for the Marvels AIO diaper I’m trying out for my local baby boutique was as an overnight diaper. As background info, I’m especially interested in these result as DD1 has bad diaper rash when wearing cloth diapers overnight (see intro post linked above for more details on that). I’m hoping the fleece pocket in these diapers will be more efficient than what we have tried so far!

I have added a 3-layer AMP insert in the pocket, under the insert attached to the diaper, for added absorbency. I highly doubt that the insert that comes with the diaper would be enough for the overnight need of a toddler – although it is most likely fine for a younger child, especially one that still wakes up quite often at night and will get its diaper changed a few times.

The Next Morning…
Unfortunately, the rash is present 😦 The pads inside, both Marvels’ and AMP’s, were soaked through, meaning I was right is aiming for more absorbency. However, there was no leakage whatsoever! And there was a lot of pee.

Since the fleece pocket of the Marvels is not enough in DD1’s case, I will try another overnight test (once the diaper is washed and dry) with an added fleece layer on top.

Please note, DD1 is on the very sensitive side. She gets rashes very easily. For most, if not all, other people I know who have used cloth diapers overnight, a fleece layer usually works just fine in keeping baby’s bum rash free! So this is not a critic of the diaper itself, but rather of whether or not it worked for our needs in our situation. The diaper itself – quite satisfied. I will have a more detailed pros and cons conclusion post, including thoughts on fit, absorbency and washing/drying, once all the trials have been made.

Legal Bits Reminder
Please note that I am otherwise not endorsed by any of the cloth diaper companies I state and link, and that they themselves did not offer me anything for the review. The opinions expressed are simply my own views on their product, made for my reviewing pleasure. I have solely received the free Marvels diaper to try out from my local baby boutique in exchange for this review.


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