Marvels AIO Trial #1.2 – Overnight (again) & #2 – Naptime

Trial #1.2 – Overnight, Take II
I wanted to try it overnight again, this time with some added fleece layer, to see if that would help the rash.

I think, in hindsight, that this is a case of “tell me where the problem is with this logic”: if I put 2 extra fleece layer inside the pocket, over the inserts, then the pee will go through it but not back up to the skin. Problem: if the pee won’t come back out, then how would it get through in the first place?

That is exactly what happened… Lesson learned: too much fleece creates a very waterproof layer! The AMP insert inside was all but dry except for the tip, but the poor PJ was soaked from toes to collar on the front, the wearable blanket was soaked, the bedding was soaked… I think I would have woken up screaming “No! No!” too!! hah The rash, though, was nowhere to be seen.

Ok, so, for us, not so good for overnight use. For non-sensitive babies, the diaper as is with some extra absorbent layer should work just fine.

Trial #2 – Naptime
Nothing to say – it worked perfect with an added insert for absorbency. You can read more specific thoughts on fit, wash-ability, drying, materials, etc. in my conclusion post, which I will post after I’m done trying out different scenarios.

Tomorrow I will wash it again, and try it once before naptime in the AM, when she pees less. Then wash, and once after naptime in the PM, when she pees a large amount every 5 min.

Legal Bits Reminder
Please note that I am otherwise not endorsed by any of the cloth diaper companies I state and link, and that they themselves did not offer me anything for the review. The opinions expressed are simply my own views on their product, made for my reviewing pleasure. I have solely received the free Marvels diaper to try out from my local baby boutique in exchange for this review.


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