Win 200 mixed engraved Ooga Booga Cap Snaps from KAMSnaps

I personally love KAMSnaps. I found them quite randomly, while searching for snap options for my wool diaper covers (which have yet to make it on my Etsy store… samples are made, working on making more..!), and everything I found seemed either too expensive, available only as wholesale, or complicated to order… until I found KAMSnaps.

They have literally hundreds of options, from plastic to metal to coloured to engraved to painted. Plus they sell pliers and presses, so you don’t have to look elsewhere for those equipment – you can get everything in one place. And they are very reasonably priced too! They also have a host of tutorials and videos, so you can learn exactly how to use your new equipment, or perhaps even how to switch some velcro on your diapers to snaps. 😉

Currently, they have a contest where you can win a set of 200 mix Ooga Booga engraved caps. Nice! The only catch if you are not in the US is that you have to pay the shipping – but perhaps you can combine that with an order 😉 (that’s what I’m hoping to do if I win! I need a couple of snaps anyway.)

I learned about this contest a bit late so… you have until the end of the day today to participate! Click here to go their contest blog post.

Good luck!

I have not received anything from KAMSnaps for this review and referral, except an additional chance to win 😉 Thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and personal, honest views of their products.


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