Mother’s Day Crafts

Today we celebrated by spending a lovely day as a family – first with a breakfast at the restaurant, followed by a few errands (I know – but it’s always nice when we all go together!), and then some crafts at home.

Mother's Day Bookmarks

The first craft we did was colour some bookmarks I downloaded from here (5th one down – the other crafts are from this page too). They are, technically, already coloured, but I figured A probably had some suggestions as to how to enhance them. 😉 She chose mostly purple… which is fine by me, because it’s my favourite colour too! I then laminated them with transparent sticky book cover, and voilà – 4 new bookmarks pour moi 🙂

While A did that, I traced out her hand to use later for the Hand Lily Bouquet. And while I was cutting away the hands, Dad helped Miss A colour a nice card for Mom, complete with message in the middle.

A card for Mom

Miss A applying glue

Then after nap, we did the flower bouquet craft! I cut out 3 colours of pipe cleaner – dark green, neon green, and sparkly green – cut in half.. And we hand 4 hands of each white, beige and yellow. We started by brushing some glue at the bottom of the palm with a mini popsicle stick (A loved doing that), and then folded the hand over the pipe cleaner stick (after getting A to push the stick nice and strong into the glue of course!). Then I turned down the fingertips a bit for curly petals. At the end, I wrapped a pink & purple ribbon around the bouquet!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hand Lily Bouquet


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