Booking Through Thursday – Now or Then?

Do you prefer reading current books? Or older ones? Or outright old ones? (As in, yes, there’s a difference between a book from 10 years ago and, say, Charles Dickens or Plato.)

I like to read both – it depends on my mood of the moment, and/or which book I really feel like reading next. There’s something specials about some of the old books/classics that you just can’t find in some of the lighter more modern novels – but sometimes, you just don’t want to think, or want a very simple boy-meets-girl, everyday-life type of story, and lighter modern novels are great for then. πŸ˜‰

(Please note that I didn’t say that all older & old books are heavy reads, and all modern books are light reads – definitely not.)


Booking Through Thursday – Signature

Do signed copies excite you? Tempt you? Delight you? Or does it not matter to you?

It depends – if it’s an author I really enjoy, or a book I particularly liked, then I would LOVE to have a signed copy. Otherwise, it doesn’t really matter to me – although, if someone were to give me one, I’d gladly take it πŸ˜‰ There’s still something special about a signed copy πŸ™‚

E-Book Review: 200+ Activities & Ideas for Young Children

Recently I had a chance to review a new e-book, written by Angie Kauffman (The Homeschool Classroom, Many Little Blessings), titled “Finding Educational Activities in the Most Unexpected Places: More than 200 Activities and Ideas for Using Commonly Found Objects to Enhance the Learning of Your Young Child”.

Sounds like a cool title, doesn’t it?

Well, it certainly is! This little book is a great resources of activities to do with, as the title says, objects commonly found in your home – from blankets to boxes to lids, passing through sponges and cookie cutters, and etc. No need to spend a fortune on specialty toys with promising claims: you have everything you need right in your own home to entertain and stimulate your child, in the most simple, natural – and fun – way. The activities are simple in idea and in explanation, but will guarantee hours of fun for you and your young child, whether infant, toddler or preschooler (although even older child might like some of the activities in there, such as pasta and rice dying – recipe & instructions included!)

I especially like the layout of the book, with all the activities under a same theme (or object) listed together in short paragraph form. Also included when applicable are possible variations, as well as indications on what an activity helps develop, and adaptations for children with sensitivity or sensory concerns. It makes for a clear and organized book, and it is very easy to flip through it to find something to do when, say, you have a couple of toilet paper rolls on hand and your toddler needs distraction, NOW.

So how can you get your copy of that little gem? Right here, on Angie Kuffman’s personal blog: On her page you will also find a detailed table of content, as well as some example activities from the book – and at $7.50 for a 58-pages download, it’s a pretty good buy. πŸ™‚

I have received no compensation for this review, other than a free copy of the e-book in exchange for my honest opinion of the product.