Canada Day Crafts

July 1st is Canada Day!

We had a wonderful day as a family with friends – first attending the festivities at the park down the road (verdict: Miss A is so-so about Bouncy Slides, won’t go near Bouncy Castles, loves Beaver Tails, and was initially afraid on the Merry-Go-Round but now has been asking to go back on for 2 days!), and then by having a pot-luck BBQ with some of our neighbours. The weather was chilly but beautiful – perfect! πŸ™‚

We then made some Canada Day themed crafts.

First, we made a Canada Flag – part traditional, part funky πŸ™‚

Funky Flag

I used a Maple Leaf colouring page template found here, and got A to colour a few with reds, pinks, and purples (figured it’s all colours in the same family!). Then I glued 2 red construction paper sheets over a white one, so the red bars are a bit bigger than the white one (not proportionate though – I didn’t exactly measure). We glued one of the big leaf in the center, explaining that the real flag has a red leaf in the middle – and then went wild with the remaining small leaves and a sticker sheet I got from the dollar store. πŸ™‚ A had a blast!

I also noticed that I had enough knitted A’s to spell CANADA:

Knitted Canada

Knitted Canada

And we have this Canada puzzle, also from the dollar store, which A absolutely ADORES to do with her Daddy. She actually did it so much now that she not only knows her provinces and territories and where they go, but fun facts like Saskatchewan has cereals, Inuits are in Nunavut, and we can ski in British Columbia. Is that unschooling, just having the prop at home for the kids to play with, and then they learn from it in their own way? πŸ˜‰ hehΒ  In any case, she can sit and do this puzzle for an hour at a time – she’s a short attention span girl so that speaks for a lot!

Canada Puzzle - In Progress

Canada Puzzle - In Progress

Canada Puzzle - Completed

Canada Puzzle - Completed

Happy Canada Day!


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