Clothespins Colour Match

I love making little games for A – she really enjoys them, and it’s frugal and sometimes even green, when you re-use things you have at home 🙂 (I say sometimes, because other *often* times, I do have to get a few supplies from the store…)

I’ve made her a bunch of folder games, which I’ll blog about at a later time. I still need to take pictures of them! She mostly has colour matching games at the moment, since that’s something she’s into at this stage. My neighbour – who’s also into the game making business for her slightly older (8 months, older I mean) daughter – made her a cupcake counting one for her birthday: you have to match the numbers of cherries on the cupcake to a written number on another cupcake. If we do that one with A, she’ll do it, but obviously it’s a little bit beyond her scope to do on her own just yet 😉

The latest little game I finished is a clothespins colour matching game. I got the idea for that one from No Time For Flash Cards, and thought I had to do it! It was different than just matching coloured socks or paintbrushes in pockets attached to a file folder, looks nice, and is very hands-on, which I’m sure will be up A’s alley.

So next time I was at the store, I picked up a few strips of paint samples and a cheap bag of wooden clothespins (of which I have many left for more projects involving clothespins). I chose my colours, attached them to the side of an old cardboard box from the recycling bin, glued the matching colours on the clothespins, and voilà! A little colour matching game, that’s kind of like a puzzle too – A is sure into puzzles right now as well 🙂

I had started out making it too complex for A, with lots of colour shades – and then decided that 1) she would not really enjoy that right now (I have another one I made in a folder with paint chips that has shades and she gets bored of it VERY quickly – a simple blue, yellow and pink is fine for her, thank you), and 2) it was taking forever to cut ALL those chips (I had 45 pins lined-up!) So I simplified to keep one of each core colours, and those I had already made, I glued to another piece of cardboard and gave to my neighbour – her older daughter is a bit more into shades, and I’m sure she’ll love it 🙂

Cost: Maybe $1-2, if you count ALL the clothespins in the bag? (so really, more like $0.25 for THIS game). Not bad!


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