Fall Into Reading 2010 – Additions

Quick post to update the Fall Into Reading Challenge! I’m halfway through The Book of Negroes – very good read! And I’m adding this book to my list:

  • Book of Ephesians (Bible Study) – a virtual Bible Study on the message boards with my Christian Playgroup. ~ Added September 30th

On another note, I’d like to announce that Baby #2 joined our family on September 21st! 😀  Little Miss C came into the world right here at home (planned! And what a great experience it was ♥), at 3:37 am, after a mere 3 hours labour (I know – sorry ladies! lol  But short labours ARE also very intense ones 😉 ). She weighted 9 lbs 8 oz – a big baby!

We’re doing good, trying to rest while we can, and I’m enjoying the last few days of my husband’s vacation – he’s going back to work on Monday 😦  Granted, he works from home… 🙂  But he’s still in his office and not fully available. Our eldest is adjusting well to the change, a few bigger tantrums and a bit of attitude, but otherwise she’s doing good, and clearly loves her sister! She’s very cute with her, always taking care of her, sharing her stuffies when she cries, wanting to stroke her… aww. 🙂

Kay – back to reading LOL (with all the nursing sessions going on, I actually have quite a bit of reading time!)


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