FIR ’10 – More finished and additions


  • My Sister’s Keeper, by Jodi Picoult – My other books are not yet available at the library, so I’m adding this one from my personal To Read pile. ~ Added October 7th ~ Started October 7th ~ Completed October 9th
    Wow – what a tear jerker! A really good book. I kind of saw the ending coming, as in I suspected something of the sort, but not that way at all! Yeesh. Recommended read for sure. I’ve placed the movie on my Zip list 🙂
  • Chat : -), by Nan McCarthy – When Miss A was still a newborn, we were at a party at my neighbour’s house, and while I was in the spare room upstairs trying to get her to sleep, I looked at some of her books in the bookshelf, and remember seeing this 3 books series that looked interesting. Busy life, busy times, I kept forgetting to ask her to either a) borrow them, or 2) the author so I could look them up at the library – it’s kind of hard to get a result when you type “: -)” as the search term… ;) Then a couple of weeks ago, just before Miss C came along, I hosted a book exchange playgroup like I often do, and lo and behold, she brings the series to put in the bin! Well then, I sure grabbed them :) This is book 1 of the series, they are short little books, an easy read. ~ Added October 9th ~ Started October 9th ~ Completed October 9th
  • Connect }:-), by Nan McCarthy – Book 2 of the series. ~ Added October 9th ~ Started October 9th ~ Completed October 10th
  • Crash ; -), by Nan McCarthy – Book 3 of the series. ~ Added October 10th ~ Started October 10th ~ Completed October 9th
    A fun & quick little series. I quite enjoyed them, except for the end… totally hated that. Not just because of what actually happens, but because I find it random and very anti-climatic. Like the author needed to finish the story and took a quick way out – as it is indeed pretty final. I feel …a bit cheated: the whole storyline that develops throughout the 3 novels suddenly has no purpose anymore, there’s no real conclusion to it and to the relationship, we don’t know what happens after the “finale”, it’s as if, as readers, the whole story don’t matter anymore. It bugs me 😉


  • The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morton – Yep, still waiting on my other holds at the library, so I’m continuing to add books. Let’s just say marathon nursing sessions – day and night – gives for lots of reading time! ~ Added October 10th ~ Started October 10th


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