Hand Print Santa Cards

Welcome to our first day of Advent!

We started out by sticking the #1 ornament on our foam tree on the fridge:

Today’s Bible Verses, taken from Living the Life Abundant’s excellent Advent post:

DAY 1: We anticipate Jesus’ birth, just as they did many years ago.
Isaiah 11:1 – A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit.
Psalm 27:14 – Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.
Symbol: Branch

As predicted, I kind of went through the card with a semi-attentive toddler. lol! Some cards and symbols will lend more to discussion and explaining, but the branch is a bit harder to convey… in my opinion anyway.

Today had 2 candy canes in the box! Miam. Note to self: do not open the box first thing in the morning if Miss A is going to spend the morning at the neighbour’s with her daughter – she will want to eat the cane right away, not a good idea unless you have one to share AND know the mom wants you to share one! Ah well we managed to make her wait until lunch 😉

I also feel that opening the box in the morning when we did the craft only after nap wasn’t great timing. A 2.5 yrs’ attention span is not that long, and the box was long forgotten when she woke up – the craft, by then, was just something Mommy took out at that moment for us to do. Tomorrow, I’m going to start opening the boxes when we are ready to do the activity.

And I found a use for the little pockets beneath the felt manger scene: we can store our Bible verse cards and activity ornaments in them! A visual reminder of where we’re at, and what we’ve done.

Our activity for today was to make Hand Print Santa cards- fun! They, however, involve putting paint on Miss A’s hand, in order to “print” the hand on the card… I expected that to not go down well. lol  I should note that A is VERY sensitive – to everything. Don’t you dare touch her hair, or her head, or how about you don’t touch her at all. Clothes tags bug her (granted, they bug me too). Don’t switch the schedule on her too much or she will break down. It’s just who she is.

Anyway, so predictibly, she hugged her hand on her chest saying “No, No!” when I suggested we paint it. Ok – we’ll have to go slow. We started off by tracing her hand on the card with a pencil, and then simply painting it in with the white paint. She liked that well enough.

Then we worked on painting her hand with a dry paintbrush, and then I suggested that she paint her hand with the paint herself. Well, that did it! Or almost – she wanted me to help guide her, but hey, the paint went on! And from there – she couldn’t get enough of making hand stamps :p

The first set of cards, along with the first hand stamp:

And the finished products! (I helped with the placement of the Santa facial features… 🙂 )


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