Christmas Games!

Advent countdown day 4, 5 and 6!

Our Advent Bible verses included talking about the cross and how Jesus paid for all our sins, how a heart symbolizes God’s love for us, and how a ring represents eternal life because it never stops and has no ends.

On December 4th, we trimmed the tree. Miss A absolutely loved it!

We also went to see Santa, which resulted in some tears from Miss A, but she eventually agreed to stand next to him – and us. Funny how she keeps asking to go see him, but when we actually get there… πŸ™‚ She did make him a card before we left though (her idea!!!), using our 5th hand print card, and was quite happy to give it to him:

On the 5th, we attended Church, and oh surprise! Miss A didn’t want to stay behind the bay window where the toys are, but rather go sit inside the sanctuary with Daddy to listen to the WHOLE sermon! The whole thing! Not a peep! We’ve come a long way from the little girl who ran and did the bacon dance in the middle of the aisle because she wants to go up on stage too – hah!

And today – it was Christmas Games day!

But first, we went shopping! I had a few things to get, and figured an early December Monday morning was a good bet to avoid crowds. And right I was: the mall was practically empty! Miss C, unusually, never fell asleep in the car on the way there and was still screaming when I entered the mall, so in the Manduca carrier she went* – and was happy ever after, eventually falling asleep too.

* Manduca didn’t pay me or anything for me to mention them – I just happen to own their carrier and LOVE it, and that’s my humbled opinion. πŸ™‚

We started by picking up a Christmas CD I’ve been meaning to get for a few years now (no time like the present!), and because it was part of the 2 for $20 deals (or, $15.99 alone…), I spotted a DVD version of the good old Burl Ives Rudolph classic – and, I swear this is true, I had been thinking that would be a good classic to have at home. (It’s true, I was!) We watched it after nap and A enjoyed it!

Then we went to get my sister’s gift, and that’s about when C fell asleep. A few elevator rides up and down, for A’s pleasure (the elevator is made of glass so it’s quite fun for a toddler I suppose! I met other moms, doing the same thing exactly, with their toddler… bhahaha, how to keep busy on a Monday morning), and we stopped at a frozen yogourt place to share a Gingerbread frozen yogourt – miam!

Then we went to get a Nativity scene for under the tree. I was going to go to our local Christian store and get a nice one, then thought – whatever I put down there, will get played with. And then: hmm… but that’s ok, I want her to play with it! A fellow friend posted about the Fisher-Price Little People set that they have out every year at this time, and I thought – perfect πŸ™‚

Miss A loves it!

And now – on to the games!

I had fun Googling Christmas games, printing them (I used cardstock paper) and laminating them for A.

First, I printed some puzzles from this site – I printed the Reindeer, Bell, and Elf and Reindeer ones. I felt just the straight puzzle might be a step above for A, so I printed them twice, and kept one uncut to use as a guide. Note: if I were to redo these, I would make the guide slightly paler, so that you can see where you have placed a piece – we can’t really see it that well now. The cut out pieces I laminated on both side, and the guide just on one side. I then backed everything up with magnets, so that we can use them on a cookie sheet – keeps everything from moving around too much.

Then we have a few file folder games: a Candy Cane & Stocking colour matching game I made a while ago (alternatively, they have one with colour pattern matching too, for child ready for the next step), and a Christmas Sudoku (I printed the Easy one). The Sudoku is kind of like a pattern recognition too, and they have numbers on it as well (numbers 1-4 in each square).

Each square is missing one of the items, and they each go one place once. I showed A how to place the Santa, going through each square saying “Is Santa in this one? Yes so it doesn’t go here” ending with the right one “No, so it goes here!” And then she completed all other 3, on her own, perfectly. Took them off – did it again. Smart little gal – I was thinking this might be a step ahead for her, but clearly, I was underestimating her! I stand corrected! πŸ˜‰

I also printed and double-sided laminated Memory Games – secular and Christian sets – and a Christmas Domino set. On that site, you can customize your games for many Holidays, seasons, sets of 6 or 12 for memory cards, etc. I chose sets of 6 to start πŸ™‚ And if that gets too easy, I’ll just mix them and have a set of 12!

Finally, I made some Bingo sets! One secular and one Christian. When you customize you Bingo cards, you can print as many cards as you like be refreshing the page – I printed 5 for each set (you can always go back and print more if you need), and I chose the smiley sun buttons, which I cut using a 1″ circle punch. I laminated the call cards and the buttons double-sided for durability, and backed the buttons with magnets. The cards are laminated only on one side, and backed with magnets. Again, that way, we can use the cookie sheet and not have all the small pieces moving around and being knocked out of place with busy toddlers!

I’ve been using our drawer system from CSN Stores to store all the materials needed for one craft for our Advent season. I love it – when it’s time to do one of the activities, I just pull the drawer out. Everything is ready, prepped as needed, so even if I have a crying baby in my arms and antsy toddler on my legs, I can start the craft/activity right away πŸ˜‰ I use one whole drawer for the games – now that they’ve been introduced, Miss A can pull it out and use them whenever she wants! Even the cookie sheet fits in it – great!

* One again, CSN did not pay me whatsoever for this blurb – I just like these drawers a lot, use it to organize activities on a daily basis, and wanted to share my system!

And that was our December 6th! Tomorrow – a library trip πŸ™‚


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