Advent Update

What a week! Between a Mommy cold, a newborn growth spurt, and a toddler cold, it’s been a bit busy. Some of our activities got behind (we still need to do the popcorn garland – probably tomorrow), and so did my blogging!

A bit of a recap of the last few days:

Bible Verses/Symbols
As always, they are from Living the Life Abundantโ€™s excellent Advent post:

  • Day 7: Family Photo – Because we are all part of God’s family.
  • Day 8: JOY Ornament – Because our joy comes from the Lord.
  • Day 9: Compast – Because Jesus came to show us the way to the Father.~ We started placing items on our felt Nativity scene today: first up, the moon.
  • Day 10: Alpha & Omega Ornaments – Because God is the beginning and the end (I think A’s Greek is not up to speed on these terms though :P)~ Today’s felt item is a star (regular star).
  • Day 11: Lamb – Because Jesus’ is God’s lamb. ~ Today we placed or first animal: a lamb! Gee, I wonder why ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Day 12: Door – Because Jesus is the door to salvation. ~ Another regular star goes up today!

And of course, we placed our daily foam tree ornaments too. Looking good!

On the 7th, we went to the library as planned to get some Christmas books. I tried to get a mix of French and English books, and I would have liked a bit more choice in Christian books, but they were mostly secular. Oh well.

We added to them some books we already had at home (I have 3 more that I forgot to include in the picture, but you can see them in the next pic on the top shelf – the green one is an Usborne touch book, “Where’s My Santa?”).

And now she has a nice setting with books in the drawer, and on top! We will try to read 1 or 2 daily. ๐Ÿ™‚

The 7th was also when we took out the little Christmas Story booklet I made, from text found on this site. It’s basically Luke’s Christmas Story, slightly adapted for children. I added a few colouring pages and the Hail Mary.

I did bake Christmas cookies for the exchange on the 10th, but I ended up doing them on the 9th, in the evening, without Miss A – or rather, my husband did the baking part, I did the spoon dumping part… We were playing tag between the kids… We made haystack cookies!

On the 10th, I took out the Christmas Story colouring booklet I made A – I googled images representing parts of the Christmas Story, and inserted some text to explain the images. A colours in it every now and then! And I try to explain to her what she is colouring as she does so.

We unfortunately had to skip the Advent party at our friend’s house on the 11th because of Miss A’s fever and coughing. Boo! But, we did manage to go out for a little bit and get some Christmas shopping done ๐Ÿ˜‰

And today, everyone is feeling better! Except the weather, boy was it dreadful out there! We nonetheless did go out, and went to our appointment for our yearly family picture. I’m happy to say that this time A didn’t freak out as soon as we got to the studio, and even though she didn’t smile, we got her to sit for the pictures ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  A huge improvement. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Miss C was quite happy to pose for the camera too.

Our appointment was at 9:20 and we were done by 9:40, with plenty of time to get to the Church service at 10, so we did that. After the service, I rented out 2 VeggieTales videos for Miss A from the Church’s library: the 3 stories in one (Daniel in the Lion’s Den, Dave and the Giant Pickle, and Esther: The Girl who Became Queen), and The Toy That Saved Christmas. She enjoyed them. ๐Ÿ™‚ All the other Christmas ones were out (or so I assume they had some of the other Christmas ones), the one I got is a good old VHS hah! A was a bit confused by the format? lol!!

And that’s where we are!


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