Hello Mornings – How to Reclaim My Mornings

I’m up! I’m up!

It’s 6 am.

Why am I up at the gruesome hour might you ask? (Ok, 6 is not THAT gruesome…)

It’s part of the Hello Mornings challenge at held by Kat at Inspired to Action.

I gave this challenge a go back in the summer before DD2 came around, but it didn’t really work out. I’m so not a morning person… Though I’ve learned to be more of one since I had kids – maybe I can learn to be even more of one. I must be crazy… but I’ll give this challenge another go 🙂

I say crazy because I do have a 4 month old at home! (and a 2.5 yrs). Which means my days are NOT predictable. Sure, they are better than when she was newborn, but although she naps, it’s never really at the same time each day yet, and her “bedtime” highly depends on her naps – and if she decides she would prefer to cluster feed until 1 am that evening or not (not a rare occurrence).

Nevertheless, I strongly believe that if I get some “me” time in the morning, I will be a better mother to my girls, because I’ll be able to get those little indulgences – and chores, too, mainly computer-related chores & home management planning stuff, you know, the things you can’t really involve the kids in like with laundry or sweeping (ok older kids get help plan) – out of the way before the fam gets up, and then be so much less distracted during the day. I will be able to give them my full attention – or more of it anyway 🙂 I won’t have all these tasks that needs to be done nagging me – like the weekly meal plan, the grocery list, edit a few blog posts (like this one!), filling away the recipes, checking my e-mails, seeing if new playgroups have been scheduled, printing and organizing activities for my oldest (I make her lots of file folder games and fun activities, we plan on homeschooling, so we don’t homeschool yet, but I use a lot of homeschool planning tricks to organize her crafts and activities to do – otherwise we end up starring at the wall wondering what to do if I don’t have a general plan!). And also devote some time to my personal Bible studies, and just greet the day with a good start!

So I’m thinking, the kids wake up typically around 7:30 am, and I know just 1h of me time won’t be enough – by the time I fixed breakfast, woke up, and checked my e-mails, it’ll be over. I can be slow in the morning… 🙂 (just this morning I almost burned my oatmeal by putting it on the stove and then promptly forgetting about it – but I rescued it just in time). Plus there’s always the odd times when one of the girls wake up at 6 or 6:30. So I’m thinking 5 am might work, and when I counted back 7 hours it brought me to 10 pm and that seems reasonable!

Disclaimer: I’ll be gentle on myself. I do have a 4 month old around. If she nurses and cluster feeds until 1 am – obviously we scratch the next morning wake up. If the girls decide the day is so marvellous they need to start it at 6 am – we’ll try again tomorrow. DH can’t be fully on early riser duty yet as I do need to nurse DD2 when she wakes up. If DD2 wakes up 5 times in the night – sleep in a bit. I’ll still probably have more early days than less, which means things won’t pile up as much anyway. And I’m always more productive in the morning than in the evening – which is often spent cluster feeding from dinnertime to bedtime, anyway. Very, VERY frustrating trying to get things done in that time period.

So there we have it. I had the alarm on for 5:30 this morning, but it was a rough start of the night. DD2 wouldn’t sleep in the evening, so I nursed her to sleep at 10 pm until 10:30. Got in bed, tweeted a bit more my Nook (love that thing!), then was ready to fall asleep when DD1 woke up around 11:30 with what seems to be growing pains (she’s had those a few times these past weeks  now… always in the feet… hmm…) So bed was at 12-12:30 am. Then DD2 woke up to nurse at 4:00 am. Wouldn’t fall back asleep for at 4:30 am Daddy took her to rock her to sleep. He came back up with her at 5:25 (she didn’t take an hour to fall asleep 😛 He stayed with her for a while), so I turned off the alarm to not wake her up; thought I’ll just rest my head a second but I’ll think hard about things so I don’t fall asleep and get up in a minute or two.

Yea. Right.

Got up at 6 am 😉

But now I have a blog post written (this one!) and I might edit another one, and then if I have time left (she nursed at 4 am so maybe!) I’ll work on DD1’s road trip journal. Later this morning we have playgroup in the neighbourhood!

Good luck to everyone doing the challenge! 🙂


5 responses to “Hello Mornings – How to Reclaim My Mornings

  1. That’s awesome! I really like how you said you’re going to be to gentle on yourself, I think that’s crucial since it’s not a race or a completion. I’ve had to learn to give myself a lot of slack and that’s been hard, but it’s working for the better!

    Great post, looking forward to tweeting with ya! 😀

    • I know – I’m a terrible perfectionist and I’m so hard on myself sometimes (… lots of times…) 😉 It’s been a learning curve too 🙂 I think posting it officially will force me to remember it – I’m not superwoman, I’m a new mother of 2! 😀


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