3 in 30 – Goal Setting Challenge

I’ve decided to join the 3 in 30 challenge.

What is that you ask?

Basically, the idea is to set 3 goals of things that you want to work on, concentrate on, start doing, stop doing, etc. It’s said that it takes 21 days to start a new habit – well a month has 30(ish) days (on average).
And let’s face, it’s also better when you work on 1-2 (3) things at once rather than, say, 25. If you were to decide that THIS week is THE week you’re going to: a) start working out (5 days a week), b) get up early, every morning, c) eat more fruits and vegetables, d) stop eating desserts, e) limit TV time to 1h a day (when you were logging in, say, 6 hours), f) stop wasting time on, oh, Facebook and Twitter… Chances are, by Tuesday, you’ll have drop  most, if not all, of these goals.

We’re just not really creatures of change, us humans, are we?

Anyway, I do have a few things I’d like to work on, concentrate on, start doing, and stop doing. But if they are just in my mental To-Do list, I’ll never get to them… if I even remember them. I like the idea of finding 3 little goals per month, and just working on those. And see where that leads you.

And also, it’s kind of nice to do it “officially” with a group – support, encouragement, exchange on each other’s goals, seeing what others are doing, making some contacts, striking new friendships. A nice added plus, wouldn’t you say!

And so, with no further ado, here are my February goals:

  1. Get up at 6 am every morning (well except maybe Saturdays), as part of the Hello Mornings challenge hosted by Inspired to Action.
  2. Work on the activities, games and crafts for Miss A THE MONTH PRIOR. For example, I am currently finding ideas, printing, prepping, requesting books, etc., for Valentine’s Day. That’s in 2 weeks. I don’t want to do it ALL on Valentine’s Day – it’s fun to do it in the weeks leading to it. If I had done all that in January… well I wouldn’t be rushing now. And now I would have all of February to work on my March theme (spring & St. Patty’s Day). So yea – I’ll finish these, and start on March right away. Then in March, I can work on April: Easter.
  3. And last but oh so not least: Having more patience and grace – with myself, with my girls, and with my husband. It’s easy when you’re tired and busy parenting an active 2.5 yrs and demanding 4 mo to just. loose. patience.

What would be your 3 goals if you were to select some for February?


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