Valentine Day Games

I made Miss A some Valentine’s Day themed fun stuff!

Yesterday, we coloured some Valentine’s Day colouring page, as well as a Dauber Art heart (we used the red one, since it had more “white” space to colour in), which we laminated with a magnet & laminate roll (it laminates the top side and adds a magnet on the bottom), and cut into pieces to make a fridge puzzle! I also printed an already coloured and traced puzzle, which I also magnet-laminated, for another fridge puzzle. And we printed and made some fridge dominoes! Miss A had fun learning to match the pieces so only like pieces touch 🙂

I also made her 2 file folder games: a heart matching game, and a Valentine Sudoku, like the one she had at Christmas (scroll down, down, down on the post).
Now, if you go and print the Sudoku, you’ll notice that 2 puzzle squares are the same, and there no where to put the lips… What I did is I reprinted the game, cut out one of the heart squares, and clued it on top of one the lips in the repeat puzzle squares 😉 Voilà! (it’s the heart on the top left in the picture).

For Friday, I’m planning a family Bingo night – I printed up some customizable Bingo cards from this site on cardstock, and double-sided laminated them for durability. You can also get Bingo pieces here – I made the summer ones for the Christmas Bingo cards (I know – summer & Christmas, but I liked the sun design!), though I have half a mind to make some heart ones 😉 Alternatively, you could also use washable daubers on the laminated plastic – I never tried it, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work..? If it’s washable, it should come off  ^_^  *disclaimer – I am not responsible for your stained Bingo cards if it doesn’t work. Just, well, print another one… :)*

I’m thinking of printing a few of the activities found on this page too: like the Heart Size Sorting (she has a file folder with ant sorting and she LOVES it), the Heart Pattern matching game (variation on the heart one I made already), the pre-writing skills pack, which you can laminate and use with wipe-off markers (no idea if she’s at this stage yet of following the lines – we can find out! Worst case scenario? They become freestyle drawing pages), heart & V dauber/magnet page (we have magnets, but we’ll probably daub it), ditto the V dauber page, & the hopscotch game (she’s really into her numbers lately!)

We also stopped by the library and picked up some reading material:

Let the love begin!


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