#3in30 – February Week 4 Update + #HelloMornings Update


Final Week for Feb!


  1. Get up at 6 am every morning (well except maybe Saturdays), as part of the Hello Mornings challenge hosted by Inspired to Action.
    I’ve been continuing to concentrate on going to bed earlier, and then waking up earlier if the night hasn’t been very (very) short. Which was not often this week. There’s been a few 3-4 am bedtimes (between both girls waking up and not falling back asleep), so 5-6 am wake ups were not even to be considered. 🙂 The past 2 nights were good though, so this morning I’m up! I’m glad I’ll have a bit of quiet time before the action of the day, I really find that it sets the tone much better when I’m able to “wake up” on my own for an hour or so than if I’m rushed to get up and going at the same time as the girls!Next month I think I will just keep this goal going. As DD2 gets older, it will get easier.
  2. Work on the activities, games and crafts for Miss A THE MONTH PRIOR.
    I’m done all of the St. Pat’s stuff, which I’ll picture and post later. DD1 found them and already started crafting/playing with them. 😛 I’ll make her a few crafts for Spring at the end of the month, then on to Easter celebrations!
  3. Having more patience and grace.
    Definitely still lots of improvement here! 🙂

See you next month!



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