Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent, the 7th Wednesday (or, 46 days) before Easter, and a season to focus on our need for forgiveness and salvation.

I was reading through my Lent Bible Study (Preparing My Heart for Easter, by Ann Marie Stewart) and came across the colours of lent: Red for the Blood of Christ, Black for Sin (Good Friday), Grey for Ashes (Ash Wednesday – sorrow), and Purple for Royalty (King Jesus).

My crafty self thought: Hey! I should prep some colouring activities for DD1! I like having themed colouring pages with themed coloured crayons in a glass laying around for A to colour with. So off I go to Google to find some Ash Wednesday colouring pages, and I pull out crayons and markers of those colours. Themed activities, crafts and colours are a fun way to learn about Holidays and events at her age! šŸ™‚


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