FIR ’10 – Reading Question #8

As part of the Fall Into Reading Challenge 2010, Callapider Days has reading questions for us to answer, if we so wish, every week. The 8th question is:

Where do you get the books you read? Are you a faithful library patron? Or maybe a bookstore junkie? Do you exchange books with friends or family members?

My answer:
All of the above!

There’s something about owning your own books that’s very enticing. It looks nice, a bookshelf full of books, and that way you are not reporting to anyone, by having to give back the book after a certain time and what not. You can pile up your To Read list (a dangerous thing, sometimes…) and work your way through it as you go. Find a good book at the store? Don’t risk forgetting about it – get it, and put it in your pile for later. There’s also the fact that a new book, all shiny and unbroken, is very, very trilling. 🙂

However, I don’t have an unlimited budget, and I’m also conscious of resources used to print all these news books. Then, there are also the books that I think look good, but I’m not sure if they are THAT good, or if I would want to actually keep them afterwards. For example, book club selections are sometimes not my cup of tea, but I always try to give them a shot, in respect for those who chose them (I would like people to give MY selection a shot), and because you never know, I might discover a gem (and I have discovered many!). But those I usually borrow. It would, also, get expensive to buy each and every one of them 😉

Sometimes I just browse the virtual shelves on my library’s website and select books that look good. I do enjoy borrowing books from the library. There’s something about a well-worn and loved book that many have read before you that’s just nice.

Finally, I often hose “book exchange playdates” with my various playgroups. I have a bin full of books, and the premise is that people bring a few books they don’t feel like keeping anymore, and then can leave with some “new” books to enjoy! It’s basically a regular free-play playdate, except for the fact the bin is out, and we all take turn browsing it 😉 I host these with various playgroups I’m involved in, so books get suffled around by different groups of people; whenever they come for one of the playdates, they will find new books – not always the same ones in rotation. It’s been a huge success since I started those! And again – it’s green 😉


Dante Beatrix Backback Giveaway

One of my good friends, Rachelle, a talented children’s illustrator ( 😀 ) is hosting a giveaway on her blog for TWO Dante Beatrix Backpacks!

If you’re in the US or Canada, go check it out! 🙂

Rachelle Anne Miller