Little Irritations

This morning starts with lots of little irritations…

  1. Trying to grab my PJ pants and socks in the dark to not wake DD2, I only grabbed one sock… Hello cold feets. (but at least my slippers were in the living room from DD1 playing with them!)
  2. Coming downstairs I notice the alarm isn’t on. I hate when it’s not on, but I guess I didn’t know until now so it didn’t stop me from sleeping… I’m a scaredy cat 😉
  3. My computer mouse still won’t work. Grrrrr…
  4. Want to grab a muffin before while my oatmeal cooks and I notice someone (sorry honey, but you did 😛 ) forgot to take them out of the freezer yesterday. I don’t want to use the microwave because DD2 sleeps just above the kitchen and yes, the beep beep wakes her up (been there done that)
  5. Want to wash my apple for my oatmeal and our veggie scrub was left at the bottom of the sink so now it’s all full of gunk from the dishes rinsed yesterday. And anyway squeezing old water out of dishcloths at the bottom of the sink grosses me o.u.t.
  6. Oh and since I did all the laundry yesterday (ALL of it! :D), it will be a day or two before I can wash said scrub.
  7. It’s 5:50 am and I’ve only been up for about 15 min.


So now that that’s all off my chest, let’s move on to a better day, shall we? 😉