Was Mr. Groundhog Right?

Remember our Groundhog Experiment?

Wanna know the results? 🙂

TECHNICALLY, we have one more cloudy or snowy/rainy day than sunny days. BUT, that’s pretty simplistic. Sometimes it’s cloudy but very mild, or even warm – I think that counts! So TECHNICALLY, the experiment result is that the groundhog was wrong (plus he dumped us 3 ft of snow on March 6th – what’s up with that??), BUT, since, apart for that crazy snowstorm, it was very mild and warm… I guess he was partly right.

A good experiment in the subtleties of experiments…. haha. (Of course Miss A got all that, duh.)


Groundhog Day & Chinese New Year

A few more crafts!

Feb. 2nd was Groundhog Day. A might be a bit young to grasp the whole concept of it, but we still talked about it… and I still prepared her a Groundhog Experiment 😛  Every day between Feb. 2nd and March 21st, we’ll look outside in the morning to see what the weather is like, and put a sticker on the calendar chart: either sunny, snowy, or cloudy. There’s a spot for Weather on Feb. 2, and Prediction for Feb. 2-Mar. 21, which should be the opposite. We placed those stickers there. At the end, we’ll count how many suns, and how many clouds+snow, and see if the theory is right 😉

I’m sure as heck hoping it is, Feb. 2 greeted us with the first major winter storm of the year. Which should mean a very nice & sunny last 6 weeks of winter! We had about 1 feet of snow, but with the wind, it accumulated much more than that – trust me, I shovelled the whole thing. The corridor in the backyard to go to our neighbour’s is at least 2 ft high. Bah! Miss A had a blast in the snow, in any case 🙂


We also did a simple Groundhog craft, found here. I printed the black & white version, and took out all of A’s brown/beige/grey/black crayons to colour it, and we glued it on a toilet paper roll. There’s a fun song to go with it too! (also found on the craft page)

(sign to I’m a Little Tea Pot)
I see a little groundhog, fury and brown
He’s popping up to look around
If he sees his shadow, down he’ll go
Six more weeks of winter – oh no!


And Feb. 3 was the Chinese New Year – Year of the Rabbit. What’s better than making a paper rabbit? Combining it with Valentine’s Day and making a HEART bunny! 😛

That craft can be found here, along with many other heart animals.