A Couple of Finished Knitted Projects

I don’t have a whole lot of time to knit these days, but I do manage to get some done every once in awhile!

Here are few latest projects:

A felted bunny and a froggy blankie for Miss C (who can’t wait to grab them!) I crocheted the bunny a while ago (i.e. last July), but only recently gave it to her as it is now more age appropriate. The froggy I only finished last week! Isn’t it cuuute? 😉 Miss A loves to play with it too, although she always says “I play with C’s Mr. Frog”. At least she knows she’s borrowing LOL!

I also completed a bath set doll Kit for Miss A. I started this one in, ahem, October, hoping to finish it for Christmas. As that didn’t happen, it’s now her Easter gift! I just finished it today 😉

All in all, I think it’s a pretty cute set – the only thing that bugs me a bit is the bathtub. I thought folding the edging around and stuffing it would look nicer – that turned out ok, but I find it’s a bit short now. If I had thought of that prior to completing the piece, I would have made it a tad larger so I have more fabric to fold over. But I don’t really have time to re-do it (notice how the Christmas gift became an Easter gift? lol), and I’m quite sure my 3 yrs won’t notice 😉


Patterns used:
Felted Bunny: Fuzzy Bunny Baby Blanket, free pattern from Lion Brand
Froggy Blankie: Frog Blankie Buddy, from Mary Maxim, but it doesn’t seem to be available anymore
Bath Set: Bath Time, also from Mary Maxim